ONE Minute hasty makeup

I don’t like it when people telling quick makeup techniques end up suggesting a dozen products to use including a face primer and eye primer. No, we don’t have that much time when we have a baby to look after to, reach office on time or a college or university to attend early in the morning.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, stay at home mom or a working mom, some days you just don’t have enough time to put a lot of makeup on to look presentable. As a stay at home mom, I have tried a lot of shortcuts to carry on with my MOM LIFE and looking presentable at the same time. Moms have every right to look good everyday even when the kids are at their worst. Lol. After many trial and error methods I have finally DISCOVERED a ONE MINUTE hasty makeup method which would make us (All the moms and students) look good in no time. Yes it is as simple and quick as it can be. You just need to choose the products you really need and you’re good to go.

Foundation or bb cream

Start with applying foundation or bb cream. When I have to do a one minute hasty makeup i opt for bb creams usually. These days I use M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 in shade 21. Its quick and easy to apply on. All you need is your fingers instead of using a beauty blender or a brush. It is light weight, moisturize your skin and protect your skin from the sun, if you go out in the day time. It minimizes pores, hides redness and imperfections giving a medium coverage lasting all day (if you don’t touch it).

Cheek, lip and eye shadow tint

Yes, all in one. Use a cheek and lip tint and you can use it as your eyeshadow too. You just have to look for a natural shade, apply a little on your cheeks, lips and eye lids, dab dab dab and you would look close to perfect.

I use Tarte exposed cheek stain for my cheeks, lips and eyelids as well. It lasts all days, giving a glowy, young, natural and fresh look. It is light weight but dries down nicely leaving your skin nourished and full of colour.


Follow this step only if you want to. Most of the time I skip this step when I’m not going out. But adding this step would brighten your eyes more. I use benefit BAD gal lash mascara as it gives volume to your lashes. It does not run, smudge or flake.

. . . And we’re done with our one minute hasty makeup. You can do this makeup for your office, college, university, going out or just staying at home with your family. Looking good is not that difficult after all. I would love to know your hasty makeup routines. Xoxo