Which fashion trends we Welcomed and which fashion trends we said Goodbye to in 2019?

Trends are usually somethings which are moving in certain directions and people follow it. Fashion and makeup trends always change. These fashion and makeup trends are set by people like us.
For those who follow trends and like staying up to date, here are some fashion and makeup trends fashion industry welcomed and said goodbyes in 2019.


This is a year to welcome bold lipsticks again. So red is again the IT lipstick with all the other bold shades in the year 2019. But as classy as red is, it can never go out of style. Nude lips were quite trendy in the year 2018. All the celebrities and models were into nudes. But in 2019 nude lips are not trendy anymore. So bye nude lips !


2018 was a year of weird trends so natural looking down brows were out of style. This year ladies are again welcoming down brows (Thank God for that). Brushed up and bushy brows are so last year. Whereas brushed up brows were much trendy in 2018, I was never a fan of them. Bye bushy brows !


Colourful bright eyeliners are welcomed this year like bright pink , bright yellow and bright blue eyeliners are what we see mostly on runways these days. So bye black eyeliner (but honestly I just can’t say goodbye to black and brown eyeliners).

Monochromatic looks

It is the most welcomed trend in 2019. You just use same colour all over your face for makeup like on your eyelids, lips and cheeks. So bye bye to hectic long layering of makeups.

Glossy Makeup

I think glossy makeup will stay trendy for a long time as everyone likes a glowing fresh looking skin. So glossy makeup is what everyone welcomes with open arms even in 2019. Nobody wants a full matte face. So bye to full matte face makeup.


Last year caramel shades hair colour, blonde and burgundy coloured hair were in, this year people are welcoming grey hair more. Whether you want to dye your hair grey or embrace your natural grey hair is totally upto you but grey is welcomed in 2019. So bye to blonde, caramel and burgundy hair.


Natural lash lift is the latest welcomed trend in 2019. It looks more natural and soft. So bye to falsies.


This is the trend which again gave me some relief. This year almond shaped nails are again in. Bye to square shaped nails !


Bell shaped sleeves are out this year and puffed sleeves are what people preferring in 2019. I personally don’t like puffed sleeves.


Say welcome to oval shaped glasses and bye to square shaped glasses. That’s a plus point for me as oval shaped glasses suit more on people with a small face.


So after getting their shoulders cold in 2018, people warmly welcomed again the normal tops and waved a heartily goodbye to off the shoulders tops.


So to spice things up fashion gurus added utility dresses this year as a trend. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in a jumpsuit and cargo pants. So bye to denims and tights.


Sneakers and sporty sandals are trending this year whereas wave a goodbye bye to thigh high boots.


Animal prints are in this year. Anything would be considered trendy if it has an animal print on it. People welcomed snake prints and leopard prints happily and said their goodbyes to floral prints.

Last but not the least, in my view anything is trendy as long as you feel comfortable in it and you enjoy and feel beautiful wearing it.
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