Know the type of your dream

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Ever dreamt that you were with the one you love the most at some place which is beyond the definition of beautiful?

Or dreamt of being in an exam hall where you run out of time but you didn’t know the answers to the questions anyway.

A dream where you find yourself at an unimaginable serene place not less than heaven or a dream of being United with your family?

Indeed, we all see dreams while we sleep every now and then and in order to understand ourselves better it is important to know our dreams.
It is safe to say that dreams can be categorized into 3 major types, knowingly:
1) Holy/Spiritual dreams
2) Desires/Wants
3) Thoughts/Memories

The first kind of dreams are rare to occur but holds great meaning in them. Seeing God in a dream or watching oneself in heavenly place can be examples of such category. It is believed that these kinds of dreams are highly positive and true but people can hardly understand the hidden messages they hold.

The second type of dreams, which are the desires and wishes of an individual, are more common to occur as we tend to constantly wish for things and it gets imprinted into our subconscious at some time. Thus, seeing a loved one or partner in a dream is merely depiction of our desires which takes the form of visuals in our sleep. Sometimes desires and thoughts are interchangeable and related which makes it harder to separate desires from thought-form of dreams.

Finally, the third type is the most recurring and common type of dreams. Our brain functions round the clock and is never free of thoughts. Thoughts can be memories or current phenomenon. But they get hold of greater part of our dream formation. A person going through break-up is likely to see glimpses of past memories re-enacted in their dreams. Such type of dreams are also a coping mechanism for stress and depression.

Dreams are naturally occurring phenomenon which can not be explained properly by any individual because it has unique value and experience for each individual just like love has.

I hope you liked the article.

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2 thoughts on “Know the type of your dream

  1. Sophia Ismaa

    I once had a dream where I saw the person I love the most in heaven sitting on a beautiful swing. I hope it is true and falls into the first category. 🙂

    There is another type that comes from Shaytan, right? And apparently those dreams are more likely to occur after fajr.

    Do you have any idea what it means if you have dreams and premonitions that come true?

    Great post!

    1. Mohmy

      No. But I had a dream some years back and I couldn’t stop crying after having it. Not a very good dream and it came true. My worst dream came true !!! So now I get really worried when I see a bad dream. Yes after fajar dreams are not true btw.