He was never into you

Do you ever wonder if he truly belongs to you? What if all his cute little acts are just memories of his past that he tends to renact with you? Would you feel comfortable with his divided love for you or would you rather walk away? The answer depends on how much can you endure!

He was all that love a woman asks for: Paying attention, calling cute names, doing little acts of love and even talking about building a family.
Seems promising, right? But the twist comes when you give in yourself to him emotionally and he senses the threat of you walking away is near to impossible. So he changes. He changes emotionally and totally. You complain, fight, cry and finally get depressed with the whole situation. Eventually you find out from his friends that he is in touch with his ex. And whatever lil’ acts of love from him were already spent well enough with the ex to become memories which he used as his medicine by re-living, to get through the pain of distance from his ex. He never was over her. Infact he was never into you !

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Salaam Ramadan !

Ramadan is a holy and sacred month for Muslims. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. There are some things I would like to share about ramadan with all of you.

In this month the Muslims feel the pain and hardships of poor people.
Ramadan comes once every year. Ramadan comes every year at different dates because of the lunar calendar. As the dates change so does the length of the fast. A fast starts after the fajar azaan, before sunrise and ends at maghrib azaan, after the sun sets. In ramadan Muslims all over the world abstain from eating, drinking, immoral behaviour, bad deeds and having sexual relations during their fast.
Waking up before sunrise to eat something which would make you full enough to spend the whole fast with that food is called sehri. Some people don’t do sehri at all and spend the whole fast on their dinner and some get up early and eat. But all have to close their fast before hearing the fajar azan with a sehri prayer.
Muslims don’t eat anything at all during their fast neither they drink anything not even water. Neither they use foul language or get angry as it against to do such in ramadan.
As Islam has a flexibility for children, women, older people and ill people so it happens in ramadan as well. Fasting is not obligatory to the children who haven’t reached adolescence yet. The same goes for pregnant women and ill people. Women in their time of the month are also exempted from fasting for only those days. No one forces you to fast although it is farz in Islam to fast once you reach puberty but no one does and can force the other to fast as forcing the religion is not permissible in Islam. But if the children want to fast, the adults let them fast for half day and call it a mock half day fast.
Eating, drinking or having sexual relation during your fast invalidates it.

Muslims open their fast on maghrib azaan, it’s called iftar, with an iftar prayer and start with a date usually or they can open with anything sweet. Then they can eat anything they want to till sehri again.

After iftar they have an additional prayer called tarawih. The whole Quran is being recited in tarawih within a month. Gents offer tarawih at mosque in congregation and the ladies can do it either at mosques or at their homes.
At then end of ramadan Muslims are rewarded in the form of eid for fasting for one month and staying away from all the bad deeds.
I’ll discuss eid in some other article. I hope you find this article informative.

‘Bandersnatch’ Review

This is my review of this movie and it can be different from others.
Bandersnatch was released on Dec 28, 2018 on Netflix. It’s an interactive movie by Black Mirror.

It makes you feel like as if you’re the director of the movie but you’re not. You’re only given two choices and you have to choose from them. If you make the right choice, according to the author, you’ll move to the next level. On making a wrong choice the movie will start from the part where you made the wrong choice, just like a game.
You can somewhat control the character named Stefan, who in the movie is a game programmer of making such choosing the options type games.
The interesting thing I found in the movie was that the other character always gave Stefan the choice of options but the character emphasized on a certain action more so Stefan would select that choice and the movie will move forward. If he does the opposite, the movie ends abruptly and you have to start over again from the wrongly opted option part.
Bandersnatch gave me a feeling of being stuck in a time dimension loop and you have to repeat the whole procedure in order to make things right, they way they’re programmed in the movie. This was the part I did not like at all. They must have stories for all the options other than abrupt endings. So every viewer will have a different ending. So Bandersnatch did not offer much choices.
Another interesting part was of Colin who somehow remembered that he saw Stefan somewhere. You have to be really attentive to know the codes the characters give in their dialogues.
First I selected to take the tuckersoft jobs and it ended the movie right there. Not good bandersnatch not good.
Then I chose to pour tea on the computer as I did not like shouting on the dad but guess what? This is what they wanted. My movie again ended.
Then everything was going fine the next time and I did even shouted at dad, did not want to though, but still I destroyed the computer. This time I was so annoyed and my brain was about to give up but I really wanted to end the movie so I gave it another last try.
I reached dead ends three times. Almost gave up and then followed the codes completely believing that I’m not the one in control and got to the end. Voila!
Although I did not take the LSD I somehow did. Weird but I so wanted to end the movie and made Stefan jump. Lol. I killed him. Even when he jumped I thought they might make me do it all again but gladly they did not.
I believe from I have heard there are five endings to the movie. No matter what you chose, the movie is quite exhausting. The starting over again part annoyed me.
I would not recommend it to any mom though. But if you have time and you want to play a weird game then go for it.

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A thing of beauty is not joy for everyone !

Don’t you love a new baby and feel like holding him? No doubt babies are a beautiful blessing from God. Some people get way more excited like over the moon for having one and think their life got perfect after the new addition to the family. Then there are women who get deeply depressed after having a baby which makes then unable to bond with their new baby. Its not something we WANT to feel but some of us feel it anyway.
I had my first baby 22 months ago through a normal delivery and I thought after having him I would be the happiest, my life would be perfect. I would love my baby more than anything else. My baby boy was born at 5pm . I was so happy to see him for the first time. I touched him and kissed him. I loved looking at my little bundle of joy. But things took a drastic turn for me the next day when I took him home with me.

He was a very difficult baby to start. He did not sleep at night and even in the day time our whisper was enough to wake him up. I could not sleep at all. Every time I try to sleep his cries would wake me up. On the other hand I was not willing to let anyone do his work. I would check his diaper a million times. Even if he was asleep at times I could not make myself sleep. I would never leave my house without him pooping. If he poops again outside I would panic so much that people around me got anxiety themselves.
I was stressed beyond limits. I was seriously thinking of giving him to someone who would take care of him and needed a baby. In my mind I was sure that “this baby has made my life difficult and he is the reason of my sadness and unable to enjoy any occasion or anything at all”.

Most of the time I was sad and crying. My baby was not bonding with me neither I was feeling attached to my baby like a mother should. He would cry his lungs out after my touch and I was not able to calm him down. My mom or my husband helped me but still I was not enjoying MOTHERHOOD. It still hurts me to think of my reaction towards my baby after his cries. Breastfeeding him was a nightmare for me. I was feeling bound. I was taking care of my baby as if it was part of my job, just do the task without any feeling. I totally neglected my appearance.
I shared my feelings with my mom but she told me to keep it together and helped me with everything. She would make me meet other moms and they shared their motherhood experiences saying that it’s normal. My mom counselled me about motherhood and I shared everything with her. Then my husband helped me deal with these issues.
I got out of this phase after 9 months of my baby’s birth and started enjoying my life with my baby. My mom and my husband helped me get out of that phase. I did not know why I was feeling like this and what is this disorder. Most of the new mothers don’t know it either. I thought I should educate them from my personal experience so they could relate to it and get help.
After some time I got to know about POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION and I was glad to know that I got out of it with the help of my loved ones. So yes postpartum depression is real and it eats the mind of the new mother.
If any of you out there is going through this phase or know someone who is, please help her out because she needs help.
Help her out with her baby, encourage her to talk about her feelings. Take her out more often. Support her. Always always take her to a counsellor if things don’t get better otherwise her situation might get worse.
I hope you find this article helpful.

Mothers, the unpaid labours

Labours day is a holiday when we honour the working men and women around the world for their services. Every working person thinks of it as a day off, to relax and to enjoy, gather their energy. But there are some labours which work 24/7 even on a labours day and they don’t even get paid for it in cash. No doubt they get paid in the form of unconditional love but no money for the hard work they do neither they ever demand anything in return. Yes, all of you must have guessed by now. I am talking about a MOTHER. A strong women who works round the clock and without any break. A mother doesn’t even get paid for the services she provides. They have the most toughest job in the world. She sacrifices her sleep, peace and time, everything for her children. She is always on duty working and is always available for her children.
On labour day when everyone waits for the holiday and enjoys it, there are mothers still working and giving time to their children. On this labours day we all should be grateful of such mothers who are raising a whole new generation and helping us build a better tomorrow without demanding anything in return preforming the biggest duty.
On this labours day I want to thank all of the mothers for the hard labour you do. I salute all the mothers on this labours day for their unpaid services, their sacrifices and their efforts. Happy labours day ! Xoxo

Best and affordable brow pomade. Zhoosh brow pomade | Review

Zhoosh is a first Pakistani premium mink eyelash brand. They make brow pomades too. It doesn’t have any on ground outlet so you have to order their products online. Their delivery service is fast.

I ordered zhoosh brow pomade from their website @zhooshmeup in a discount bundle deal of pkr 2050. They delivered the products in a nice shiny golden packet.

The bundle included a zhoosh brow pomade, zhoosh dual ended eyebrow brush which has a spoolie brush at one end and an angled eyebrow brush at the other end and a zhoosh tweezer. Their brow pomades are available in 5 shades. Butterscotch, mocha, fudge, dark chocolate and cinnamon. The shade range is limited though but these are the most suitable colours for Pakistani skin tones. I ordered the mocha coloured brow pomade.

It has a rich and creamy fat free formula which is highly pigmented. It glides on smoothly. It depends on you whether you want to give a natural look to your brows or a dramatic look, it works both way. It has a buildable coverage.

It is water proof and smudge proof. It doesn’t budge at all.

I have the most oily skin and it works best for me. It works for all skin types. I use it daily and even the next morning it was still there and intact. So yes you would totally want to have it and trade it for your Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow pomade. It gives such a natural look to your eyebrows that you don’t need any eyebrow gel on your brows to set them.

Same thing just less pricey and the results are awesome. I bought this pomade like six months ago and it still is in use. So yes a little goes a long way.

However the zhoosh brush doesn’t do justice to the pomade. It isn’t as stiff as the sigma angled brushes are. So yes if you use some other brush the product will come out even better.

Will I buy it again?

Yes I’m waiting for this pomade bottle to end so I can get my hands on a new one may be a shade darker. Apart from its brush not being stiff to apply the pomade more sharply there is no cons in this pomade. It’s one of the best Pakistani brands and I am a fan of this brand already.
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Deal with your skin problems by using these all natural and easily available ingredients

In this era of chemical infused skin and beauty products people search for organic methods to deal with their skin issues naturally so those products won’t be harmful to the person in any way.
I am sharing some of my tried and tested natural ingredients to get rid of my skin problems. You should try them too if you want to save your money, time and health making you naturally beautiful. You can give it a try as well.

1.Remove black heads naturally

Do this procedure when you won’t have any sunlight contact later. Cut a lemon in half and put 5 drops of raw honey on one half and rub it on your nose or any area where you have black heads. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

2. Dark skin pigmentation

Add potato and lemon juice together and apply on the area of pigmentation. Wash with cold water after 15 minutes. Apply it daily for best results .

3. Dark elbows and knees

Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice. Rub this solution on your dark elbows and knees, let it stay there for 20 minutes then clean it off with a cloth. Apply it once daily.

4. For dark lips

Use lemon juice with milk cream and apply it on your lips. Use glycerine on your lips daily.

5. For a natural exfoliation

For naturally exfoliating your skin use pineapple juice or tomato juice and apply it on your face with a cotton ball.

6. To get rid of pimples

Add 1 tsp of baking powder with water and make a thick paste. Apply it on your pimples, let it dry for 1 min or 2 min maximum and then wash your face.

7. To get rid of oil on the face

Add one egg white with one tsp of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Let the paste dry. Remove the paste with lukewarm water.

8. Get rid of puffy eyes

Get two tea bags, soak them in cold water and then put them in the refrigerator for some time. Take them out and put them on your eyes for 30 minutes. Remove them and wash your face with cold water.

9. To get rid of dark circles

Take some mint leaves, blend them and put the paste on your eyes for 10 minutes and then rinse your eyes.

10. Get rid of dry chapped lips

Put honey on your lips daily to moisturize them. Let the honey stay on lips for half an hour and then wash it with water but not with soap. Do it for a week and you’re lips will be better.

11. Get rid of cracked heels

Soak your feet in lukewarm, soapy water for 30 minutes, pat it dry, rub them with a scrubber and then put honey on the heels.

12. How to keep your skin hydrated

Use ½ cup of sugar and 2 tbsp of olive oil with 5 drops of lavender oil and apply it on your face, massage thoroughly and then wash it off with lukewarm water. For best results use it once daily.

13. How to get glowing skin

Use raw honey for this. Apply raw honey all over your face, let it set for 30 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Doing it daily will show great results.

14. How to get a wrinkle free skin

Pour some drops of olive oil on your face. Massage it gently and leave it overnight. You’ll have a soft and fresh skin in the morning. Applying olive oil every night can reduce fine lines and wrinkles making you look young.
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World’s best oil control product, The Body Shop Tea Tree mattifying lotion

I have a very oily skin and by very I mean for my T zone, sky is the limit. Lol. I try various oil and shine controlling products but this “The Body shop’s Tea Tree mattifying lotion” is by far the best and the only product which makes my skin shine proof and keeps it oil free for as long as I stay awake and literally the next day till I wash my face. So no more greasy oil situation on my face.
I bought if from The Body Shop outlet for $9 because they had a sale going on otherwise it was of $15. A little bit pricey for such a small bottle but it was worth it. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly and it doesn’t leak from the lid as well.

The scent of this lotion is quite strong as it has a tea tree fragrance when you first put it on your face but it goes away after some seconds. The consistency of the lotion is very light weight and is transparent when applied and gives a cool sensation on application, your skin feels so smooth after applying it.

This product does what it claims, reduces oil and prevents shine. Neither it clog the pores. This lotion really mattifies the skin for a very long time but also keep it moisturized at the same time. It controls oil and shine for a long time and can be used as a makeup base. Foundation glides on it smoothly.

It claims that it clears acne and prevents blemishes too but according to my experience it did not prevent my blemishes and I can’t say anything about acne as I have an acne free skin already. It cleared my complexion though and made my skin look fresh.
$15 would be a little pricey for me as it comes in a very small bottle of 50ml but I got lucky and got it at $9😄 but the benefits are worth every penny.
The down part for me is that it dries down my under eye area so much that it irritated me and I apply a different moisturizer on it. But over all it controls my oil and shine and keeps them at bay.
The amazing part is I applied it at around 5pm and when I woke up the next day I still did not have any oil or shine on my face. I was completely astonished by this. I totally love it.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend it but for the eye area part which gets dry you have to put some other moisturizer. Even if you put a moisturizer over it, it won’t make your skin oily. This is the only con I found in this lotion that it dried my under eye area but it is the only product that could control my oil and shine.
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Genuine simple ways to lose weight

Weight loss is a very big problem for us ladies these days specially mommies and so many websites on the internet suggest such harmful methods and ways to lose weight that I had to come up with this topic. Diet can never let you keep your weight off for a very long time so dieting is not the answer to weight loss problem.
There is always healthy ways of doing certain things and weight loss is one of them. I will talk about genuine ways to lose weight efficiently and maintain it for like forever ! So let’s get started and share my knowledge with you guys.

Add flaxseeds in your diet

Flaxseeds are proven to speed up the weight loss. They contain fibre which keeps you feeling full.

Drink more water

Water keeps your hydrated and full for a very long time. It actually helps you lose weight by burning the calories for an hour after you drink water. Drinking water before and between meals also reduce your calorie intake. But NEVER drink water after you are done with your meal for at least half an hour.

Eat an apple everyday

As we know “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There must be some truth to this fact. Apple contains a special fibre called pectin that slows down digestions and keeps you full for a very long time. Hence, curbing your food cravings.

Add more proteins to your diet

Any food with high protein keeps you full for longer periods of time thus reducing your appetite. A protein diet boosts your metabolism and helps in burning more calories. Almonds, lean meat, poultry, cheese, yogurt, dairy, fish, beans, eggs and soy products have a high quantity of protein.

Take more vitamin D

Vitamin D aids in weight loss and decrease body fat. According to some researches, people with a high BMI have low level of vitamin D in their body. Mushrooms, salmons, oysters, cod liver oil, egg yolks are rich in vitamin D. You can also take vitamin D supplements.

Reduce your food intake of carbohydrated foods

After you reduce your carb intake, your body will gradually shed the water weight first and then it will start burning the calories and fats.
Don’t drink carbohydrated drinks, consume less bread, eat less potatoes, drink coconut or almond milk.

Say NO to processed food

Processed foods lack vitamins, proteins, fibres. They have a high sugar, sodium and fat content and increase your cholesterol level. All frozen, canned, baked and dried foods are processed foods. Cheese, cereals, microwave meals, ready meals, cakes, biscuits, and savoury snacks.

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet

Fruits and vegetables are a healthy source of food. They keep you fresh and control your cholesterol too. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibres and water. Fruits and vegetables are considered as good for weight loss. People who eat fruits and vegetables daily are comparatively healthier.

Add green tea in your daily regimen

Flavonoids in green helps speed up your metabolism and burn fat. It also helps in losing belly fat which is what people want most of the time. So enjoy the benefits of green tea by daily drinking it.
Avoid sugar
Sugar is as addicted is cocaine. It causes excessive weight gain and leads to other diseases as well. Sugar in every form is dangerous.

Use coconut oil more

Coconut oil speeds up your metabolism and burns your calories thus aiding in weight loss.

Take probiotics

Probiotics have lactobacillus and studies have shown that strains of lactobacillus burn belly fat and helps to lose weight. Yogurt is a probiotic which is good for burning belly fat.

Eat more fibres

Fibres keeps you full for a longer period of time, lowers your cholesterol and normalizes your blood sugar levels. Some fibre rich foods are pumpkins, chickpeas and apples.

Take whey protein supplement

Whey protein supplement reduces your appetite and burns fat causing you to lose weight.

Do cardio

Cardio exercises work very well for weight loss. You can start with a little walk first and then move to other exercises.

Watch less Television

Spend your time on televisions less because that’s how we end up eating more

Make a schedule

Make a daily routine schedule and follow it. Sleep early as eating late at night makes you gain weight more.

Eat healthy

One of the key factor of gaining weight is eating junks, which is not a healthy form of food. Eat vegetables, fruit, nuts etc.

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Which fashion trends we Welcomed and which fashion trends we said Goodbye to in 2019?

Trends are usually somethings which are moving in certain directions and people follow it. Fashion and makeup trends always change. These fashion and makeup trends are set by people like us.
For those who follow trends and like staying up to date, here are some fashion and makeup trends fashion industry welcomed and said goodbyes in 2019.


This is a year to welcome bold lipsticks again. So red is again the IT lipstick with all the other bold shades in the year 2019. But as classy as red is, it can never go out of style. Nude lips were quite trendy in the year 2018. All the celebrities and models were into nudes. But in 2019 nude lips are not trendy anymore. So bye nude lips !


2018 was a year of weird trends so natural looking down brows were out of style. This year ladies are again welcoming down brows (Thank God for that). Brushed up and bushy brows are so last year. Whereas brushed up brows were much trendy in 2018, I was never a fan of them. Bye bushy brows !


Colourful bright eyeliners are welcomed this year like bright pink , bright yellow and bright blue eyeliners are what we see mostly on runways these days. So bye black eyeliner (but honestly I just can’t say goodbye to black and brown eyeliners).

Monochromatic looks

It is the most welcomed trend in 2019. You just use same colour all over your face for makeup like on your eyelids, lips and cheeks. So bye bye to hectic long layering of makeups.

Glossy Makeup

I think glossy makeup will stay trendy for a long time as everyone likes a glowing fresh looking skin. So glossy makeup is what everyone welcomes with open arms even in 2019. Nobody wants a full matte face. So bye to full matte face makeup.


Last year caramel shades hair colour, blonde and burgundy coloured hair were in, this year people are welcoming grey hair more. Whether you want to dye your hair grey or embrace your natural grey hair is totally upto you but grey is welcomed in 2019. So bye to blonde, caramel and burgundy hair.


Natural lash lift is the latest welcomed trend in 2019. It looks more natural and soft. So bye to falsies.


This is the trend which again gave me some relief. This year almond shaped nails are again in. Bye to square shaped nails !


Bell shaped sleeves are out this year and puffed sleeves are what people preferring in 2019. I personally don’t like puffed sleeves.


Say welcome to oval shaped glasses and bye to square shaped glasses. That’s a plus point for me as oval shaped glasses suit more on people with a small face.


So after getting their shoulders cold in 2018, people warmly welcomed again the normal tops and waved a heartily goodbye to off the shoulders tops.


So to spice things up fashion gurus added utility dresses this year as a trend. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in a jumpsuit and cargo pants. So bye to denims and tights.


Sneakers and sporty sandals are trending this year whereas wave a goodbye bye to thigh high boots.


Animal prints are in this year. Anything would be considered trendy if it has an animal print on it. People welcomed snake prints and leopard prints happily and said their goodbyes to floral prints.

Last but not the least, in my view anything is trendy as long as you feel comfortable in it and you enjoy and feel beautiful wearing it.
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ONE Minute hasty makeup

I don’t like it when people telling quick makeup techniques end up suggesting a dozen products to use including a face primer and eye primer. No, we don’t have that much time when we have a baby to look after to, reach office on time or a college or university to attend early in the morning.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, stay at home mom or a working mom, some days you just don’t have enough time to put a lot of makeup on to look presentable. As a stay at home mom, I have tried a lot of shortcuts to carry on with my MOM LIFE and looking presentable at the same time. Moms have every right to look good everyday even when the kids are at their worst. Lol. After many trial and error methods I have finally DISCOVERED a ONE MINUTE hasty makeup method which would make us (All the moms and students) look good in no time. Yes it is as simple and quick as it can be. You just need to choose the products you really need and you’re good to go.

Foundation or bb cream

Start with applying foundation or bb cream. When I have to do a one minute hasty makeup i opt for bb creams usually. These days I use M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 in shade 21. Its quick and easy to apply on. All you need is your fingers instead of using a beauty blender or a brush. It is light weight, moisturize your skin and protect your skin from the sun, if you go out in the day time. It minimizes pores, hides redness and imperfections giving a medium coverage lasting all day (if you don’t touch it).

Cheek, lip and eye shadow tint

Yes, all in one. Use a cheek and lip tint and you can use it as your eyeshadow too. You just have to look for a natural shade, apply a little on your cheeks, lips and eye lids, dab dab dab and you would look close to perfect.

I use Tarte exposed cheek stain for my cheeks, lips and eyelids as well. It lasts all days, giving a glowy, young, natural and fresh look. It is light weight but dries down nicely leaving your skin nourished and full of colour.


Follow this step only if you want to. Most of the time I skip this step when I’m not going out. But adding this step would brighten your eyes more. I use benefit BAD gal lash mascara as it gives volume to your lashes. It does not run, smudge or flake.

. . . And we’re done with our one minute hasty makeup. You can do this makeup for your office, college, university, going out or just staying at home with your family. Looking good is not that difficult after all. I would love to know your hasty makeup routines. Xoxo

The only budget friendly products you need this summer for a fresh natural glow

Less is always more when you’re getting ready in summer.

Layering your face with heavy makeup in summer will make your skin greasy instead focus on achieving a fresh natural glow. Cover your imperfections and enhance your features. It all can be done with some good budget friendly products too.

Spend your money on some budget friendly makeup products like an anti perspirant body spray, lipstick, a good oil free mosturizer and a luminizer. These are the budget frienldy products you need for this season.

Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

This a water proof eyeliner. It won’t budge, even in the humid days. It’s best for sensitive eyes as well.

Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

This concealer provides a soft, refreshed radiance that instantly brighten your eyes and give your skin a radiant look.

Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant

It’s a mix of cucumber and green tea which makes you feel so fresh and when you feel fresh, you look fresh. It instantly dries your under arms and controls sweat leaving your skin dry and fresh for upto 48 hours. It’s my go to scent this summer.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

It’s an oil free moisturizer but it instantly makes the skin smooth, supple and keeps it hydrated all day long. It does not make the skin look greasy and works best on every skin type.

The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

It’s an ultra light weight foundation and is also resistant to SWEAT and WATER. It covers redness, giving a visibly clearer looking skin. Its oil absorbing properties makes it a best foundation for summer. It gives a full breathable coverage for 24 hours ! It gives a flawless finish and is suitable for any skin type.

Revolution Pro Illuminate

It brightens and highlights your face perfectly. It gives a very natural and subtle glow. It is not at all glittery neither it looks greasy on the face. It beats all the high end highlighters.

Bare Minerals Barepro Longwear Lipstick in Petal shade

Find a shade that is close to natural lip colour so it would a give a more natural look. For me Bare minerals petal shade works the best. It is water proof, transfer proof, budge proof and smudge proof. Everything you need in summer.

E.l.f Monochromatic Multi Stick in sparkling rose

Cheek tints are in these days as they give a reallt natural tint to the cheeks. Its a light weight blendable formula which gives a glowy look to your skin. It gives a beautiful sheen to your cheeks.