How to get rid of toxic people

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“Negative people can only infest you with discouragements when they find you around… Just get lost and get saved!” Israelmore Ayivor

We can find toxic people in our daily lives. Most of us encounter toxic people either at our workplace, in iur daily lives or we have relationship with a toxic person. People who drain our energies, non supportive, emotional abusers and back stabbers are mostly known as toxic people or negative people. They make us feel bad intentionally. Whether they do it because of their insecurities or their need to feel superior, they still end up hurting us in order for them to feel satisfied.

Toxic people are not hard to find as they have certain tendencies by which they are easy to locate. Some of the signs of toxic people are written below;
Their selfishness can be spotted anywhere. They are quite selfish, always putting their needs before others needs.
They are generally insecure. These insecurities can of because of anything or either any person.
They are egoistic and thismakes them to feel that they’re always right as they think they’re far more superior than others so everyone should listen to them.
They often mislead you. Try to twist things to make you depressed or anxious about things important to you.
They never appreciate others, as to toxic people only they are perfect.
Toxic people are not nice to others. Never say nice things to people and never cherish their feelings.
They are attention seekers and can lie to get that attention. They love creating drama and getting all the attention.
They are never straight forward. Talk to a toxic person and they will never give you a straight answer.
They are manipulators. They manipulate people and situations as they like to feel superior so they have the urge to control others. In their mind people should follow them without doubting them.
Everyone deserve supportive, loving and people who they like to spend time with. People with an over flowing negativity make sure to pour that negativity in our lives too. A small chat with a toxic person can make you feel bad about yourself. They have a tendency to lower your morales that you might end up locking your room and think about your useless existence for hours.

There are ways to put a stop to the nonsense of toxic people and live your life your way.

Speak up
First and foremost step is to speak up for yourself. No one has the right to put you down in any way. If you find someone saying something that you’re uncomfortable with just tell them to stop right on their faces before they take advantage of your inability to say no. Convey them that they should not take you for granted. Tell them to go somewhere else and pour out their negativity as you’re not interested in talking to them unless they have something good, reasonable or logical to talk about. Never ever let anyone take advantage of you or your position.

Do not become a victim
Never indulge in any negative conversation with a toxic person. If you tell them about any person chances are they will most likely spread it making you look bad.
They might manipulate you into gossiping so stay away from them and avoid having long conversations with them.

Avoid a toxic person
The best way to avoid a toxic person is by not interacting with them at all and avoiding them at all cost. The less you interact with them, the less they will feed you their negativity and you will live a peaceful and happy life.

A word of advice is to always be with the people who love you and who you love. Surround yourself with positive people and their positive energy will make you happy and lively too. Spread love, happiness and positivity. Enjoy your life.

Letter to my mom ❤

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Dear mom,
How are you? How is dad? I am fine here. I’m so happy here. My husband loves me a lot. But I don’t seem to enjoy anything mom. It feels like as if I forgot to enjoy. I have so many responsibilities now that I can no longer live in the moment. I always have so much to do everyday. I am the one who has to do things in the house as I am no longer the girl of the house. I just can’t sleep for a long time even if I want to, can’t sleep even if I’m not feeling well as I have to get up and get things done, for me for my family as NOW they rely on me and I don’t have anyone to rely on but myself.My husband is very nice to me and even helps me out but at the end of the day I’m the responsible one and I have to complete daily tasks. I can no longer call you from anywhere in the house to help me out as I’m no longer at my house. I’m no longer with you mom in a carefree world where you would always be there to solve my problems. No I’m in the real world where I’m no longer with you.
It’s not fair to me, mom. I don’t get to live with you for as long as I want without people getting curious. You say that’s how people in our society are and every girl has to live like this but mom I don’t care about what people think I just want to be with you for the rest of my life. You say that this is how every girl lives but mom I’m not every girl. I miss being in our house with you.I miss our long secret conversations alone in the living room, laughing on little things . I feel locked up here, though loved, but locked up in responsibilities. Sometimes I think how lucky my brother is as he get to live with you and dad for the rest of his life. He can be with you guys whenever he wants to. He would never leave you guys.
I’m happy here but you know I can’t get over the feeling I get with you and dad. I never had to think about what you or dad would think of me and asked and said everything without any hesitation. But now mom I hesitate before asking for anything. I worry what others will think of my wishes and demands. Or whether what I have asked for has made them angry. I just look for spare time to do my things, I cannot spare some time for myself. You know I have responsibilities now. I wait for some free time to go to salons or go for shopping. I always think before doing or saying anything as now people around me do get annoyed and shun me unlike you who was always willing to listen to me no matter what I had to say.Remember the way I used to tell you about my day over dinner table? Guess what mom? Nobody here asks about how my day went or how I am feeling today. Sometimes I just wait to have my own ‘ME’ time but it seems as if I’m not entitled to have one now as I’m a grown married woman. My husband still can, but I can’t, as I must take care of our baby. I don’t like being a woman sometimes. I get so frustrated with all the burden of responsibilities. I want to enjoy my life and be that brat of the house. I want to be pampered and listened to. I want to live freely without any burden. But I can’t, mom. There is always this responsibility that I am now the woman of the house. And I can’t let you down.
I am writing this letter to you mom because who else in this world can I share my pain with? You understand me, mama. You must know how I feel as you went through all this too but you never let us know. My husband doesn’t trouble me at all. But, at the end of the day I miss being your daughter. I miss dad so much. I miss my brother teasing me and my sister fighting with me. Nobody is here to fight with me, mom. This silence kills me.
I miss all of you guys. I miss everything. It all feels strange. Sometimes, I just wish I could enjoy all that again. I just wish to go back in time and enjoy every moment again. I would never leave you guys. I miss our little family gatherings. I look at our family pics and cry I want to relive all those moments.Now I’m always busy in doing things that I have forgotten to enjoy my life. I wish I could go back to my old life and hold all of you tightly so I won’t have to let go any of you. We shared happiness and sadness together. I know it’s a transitional phase and I will get over it but MOM the thing is I don’t want to get over it. I can never fill this void in me.
Sometimes I think it’s just a dream and I’ll be back to you, back to my old life once I wake up but I guess I’m not going to ever wake up from this dream. Now I’m realizing what I had and sadly I can never have that part of my life back. Is something wrong with me mom? You should not have loved me this much. It’s very difficult for me now. I miss each and everything. Our long walks, our late night chit chat, playing monopoly with all of you.
Why things can’t go back to the way they were? Why I had to leave you guys? Why I can’t enjoy with all of you the way we used to? I miss you guys more than ever😥

Know the type of your dream (Guest post by Ash)

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Ever dreamt that you were with the one you love the most at some place which is beyond the definition of beautiful?

Or dreamt of being in an exam hall where you run out of time but you didn’t know the answers to the questions anyway.

A dream where you find yourself at an unimaginable serene place not less than heaven or a dream of being United with your family?

Indeed, we all see dreams while we sleep every now and then and in order to understand ourselves better it is important to know our dreams.
It is safe to say that dreams can be categorized into 3 major types, knowingly:
1) Holy/Spiritual dreams
2) Desires/Wants
3) Thoughts/Memories

The first kind of dreams are rare to occur but holds great meaning in them. Seeing God in a dream or watching oneself in heavenly place can be examples of such category. It is believed that these kinds of dreams are highly positive and true but people can hardly understand the hidden messages they hold.

The second type of dreams, which are the desires and wishes of an individual, are more common to occur as we tend to constantly wish for things and it gets imprinted into our subconscious at some time. Thus, seeing a loved one or partner in a dream is merely depiction of our desires which takes the form of visuals in our sleep. Sometimes desires and thoughts are interchangeable and related which makes it harder to separate desires from thought-form of dreams.

Finally, the third type is the most recurring and common type of dreams. Our brain functions round the clock and is never free of thoughts. Thoughts can be memories or current phenomenon. But they get hold of greater part of our dream formation. A person going through break-up is likely to see glimpses of past memories re-enacted in their dreams. Such type of dreams are also a coping mechanism for stress and depression.

Dreams are naturally occurring phenomenon which can not be explained properly by any individual because it has unique value and experience for each individual just like love has.

I hope you liked the article.

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Mother’s Day Special

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Thank you all for taking out some time to read my article. I genuinely appreciate it. I love my mother the most and try to be like her but if I turn out to be a fraction of her I would consider that as my achievement. I, being a mom, love my kid to bits. I would do and can do anything for him. These are the same thoughts and feelings of every mom around the globe. They always put their children ahead of themselves. Some days are just better than the others where you struggle less, but every day is a new struggle for them to make the world best for the small people they have created (that would be our children). Your efforts can never go unnoticed.
Mothers build a whole new generation. Mothers are the building blocks of the society. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you all deserve a noble prize for doing such a good work.

None of you applied for this job, you just got one and even though you guys never had any prior experience and any prior knowledge about it, you still are acing it. This job doesn’t need a degree neither you’ll have defined work hours. You have to work round the clock without any pay or incentive. You will have to sacrifice your sleep, your body figure, peace, appearance and sanity at times. You would do anything and everything for your children. In my religion, a mother has the highest place.
We think mothers have some kind of super powers because they make miracles happen. It’s not true but I being a mother know that I would go to any length to make things right for my baby and keep him happy no matter the cost.
I always thought motherhood would be very easy but oh boy was I wrong. Lol. It is without a doubt the toughest job in the world. Can you imagine being pooped on, being vomitted on and still would stay that way to clean the other person before you?? No you won’t. But this is the charm of being a mother, you put your needs and desires second and your baby always first !
There is no criteria of being a great mom. In my view, every mom is a great mom. Sometimes the kids get on our nerves but still we want them to be happy. We love watching them grow, play and explore the world. Motherhood is a unique experience for everyone but never take your mother for granted. Spend quality time with her, make her feel special and do everything for her that she would have done for you. Let’s not forget what our mothers have done for us. Now it’s our duty to make them happy. We cannot and should not limit ourselves to just this one day instead we should give them time more often and make them happy and feel needed. What we’ll do today for our mothers, tomorrow our children will do the same for us.
In the end I would like to say that no doubt motherhood is a quite challenging and demanding job yet we all mothers try our best to give our best. I am so grateful for having the best mom and I try to be the best mom to my baby boy. Wishing you all a happy mother’s day. You all are doing a great job and everybody knows that by now. Cherish these moments and pray for me and my family.
Dedicated to all mothers. I hope you liked the article 😊